RYA Start Yachting
2 Tage Einführungskurs

Dieser kurze 2 Tageskurs ist konzipiert Anfänger, die noch nie segeln waren und es einmal ausprobieren möchten. In diesen zwei Tgen werden wir viele Aspekte des Segelns streifen, wie Segel setzen, steuern, anlegen und Sicherheit an Bord.  Ihre RYA Start Yachting Kurs Zertifizierung nehmen Sie mit zu Ihrem nächsten Kurse, den Competent Crew Kurs. In der Regel bedeutet das eine Verkürzung des 5 Tage dauernden RYA Competent Kurses auf 3 Tage oder 2 Wochenenden.


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What you will learn

  • Basic Knowledge of sea terms
  • Ropework
  • Underway – experience sailing a yacht
  • Meteorology
  • MOB
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Emergency equipment and precautions


The Yacht

Knowledge of

  • Sea terms; parts of a boat; her rigging and sails


The bowline


  • Tie the following knots: figure of eight:round turn and two half hitches
  • Secure a rope to a cleat
  • Use winches and jamming cleats
Under Way

Knowledge of

  • Sailing a yacht on all points of sail


  • Steer a yacht under sail or power
Rules of the road


  • Keep an efficient look out at sea


  • Where to obtain a weather forecast


Man overboard recovery


  • The action to be taken as crew to recover a man overboard
  • The effects of cold-water shock on a casult
Clothing and equipment


  • Good practise for the wearing of safety harnesses, life jackets and personal buoyancy aids.
Emergency equipment and precautions


  • Hazards on board a yacht.


  • Carry out actions to be taken in the event of an emergency.


Day 1

Meet your instructor, be shown around the yacht and guided through all the safety procedures on board. Slip the mooring, hoist the sails and practice helming the yacht to the nearby island of Meganisi. Once you arrive you can practice using the anchor and mooring the yacht. Row the dinghy ashore for lunch on the beach. In the afternoon, practice hoisting the sails whilst at anchor and learn what rope does what! Set sail and practice. Stop for a brief swim & snack before enjoying a sunset sail to practicing a man overboard situation. Enter the harbour at night and moor anchored under the stars.

Day 2

Breakfast on board, followed by a brief chat about weather forecasting, a recap of safety procedures and preparing your yacht for sea. Leave the mooring and try your hand at mooring the yacht on the quay. Practice rigging and slipping of mooring lines and even try helming yourself! After another sail, stop off and enjoy lunch on board. On the way learn how to steer a compass course under power and sail and help with using GPS and hand bearing compass to navigate in between the reefs! Talk about collision regulations and how to spot boats on a collision course. Once arrived, relax and enjoy a swim and lunch on board. In the afternoon enjoy a sail back to Vliho, talking through names of parts of the yacht and collision regulations. Moor the yacht with all your new knowledge at Vliho!

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